• Wide range of applications such as labels, stickers, film transfer, and coating etc.
  • Suitable for roll-fed materials such as papers, films, textiles, aluminum and etc.
  • Max. Printing area is 350mm(W) x250mm(L).
  • High Speed Silkscreen printing.
  • NS -350 can choose either hot air dryer or UV dryer.
  • NS-350 is a modular unit, so you can choose as many print units as necessary.
  • Our Newly developed NS-350 is a shaftless (independent servo driven) system.


Backside printing and overprinting can be chosen, and it is also possible to overprint  and die-cut on the previously printed rolled up material.

Max.Web Width 350 mm
Max.Printing Width 350 mm
Max.Repeat Length 250 mm
Max.Printing Length 250 mm
Max.Speed 60imp./min.